Intent to Participate

The Intent to Participate assists you in planning your engagement activities and helps better ensure that you understand what is expected of you to meet the Garnet and Gold Scholar Society requirements.

Remember that the Intent to Participate is simply a plan. You do not need to have all activities completed in order to begin the Garnet and Gold Scholar Society process.

Please note that acceptance of your Intent to Participate does not guarantee induction into the Garnet & Gold Scholar Society. You are responsible for ensuring that you meet the criteria for each of your engagement areas. NOTE: Review time for new Intent to Participate submissions is 4-8 weeks.

Engagement Areas and Criteria

In order to complete your Intent to Participate you will need to know which of the three areas you would like to participate. Within each area, you will also need to state how you plan to fulfill the engagement criteria. Be as specific as possible, especially for activities that you have already completed. Include specific names of activities, programs and courses and the semesters experiences will be completed or have already been completed.

Overall Program Advisors

You will need to specify your Overall Program Advisor within your Intent to Participate. The Overall Program Advisor will assist you in making sure you are meeting criteria and deadlines, and will ultimately be the person who reviews your final Synthesis Project. Advisors work in various departments on campus.

You have three options for choosing an Overall Program Advisor.

  1. You will be able to select three potential advisors from a list within the Intent to Participate.
  2. If you have no preference for an Overall Program Advisor, you may indicate this on the form. An advisor will be chosen for you.
  3. If you have a particular faculty or staff member with whom you already have a relationship with and who has agreed to serve as your Advisor, you may indicate this on the form. Once you select this box on the Intent form, you must email GGSS with the name of your selected advisor.

A list of Overall Program Advisors can be found here .

Engagement Areas Checklist

The Checklist is designed to assist in planning your Intent to Participate.

Use this checklist to plan to complete the Garnet and Gold Scholar Society program. The questions on the checklist are the questions you will be expected to answer regarding your experiences in each of the three Engagement Areas.

Questions on completing the Intent

When are the Intents due?

The deadline for the Intent to Participate is the 5th Wednesday for the Spring and Fall semesters. Students who are graduating must submit their Intent to Participate before the 5th week of the semester prior to their final semester.

Engagement area reflections are due the 9th Wednesday of every semester. Students must complete 2 of the 3 engagement areas before they begin their final semester.

Please note that the summer semester is 13 weeks rather than 17 weeks, therefore the above deadlines will be altered slightly to match the academic calendar. For Fall Grads: the Intent to Participate is due the 2nd Wednesday of the Summer A session. The first two engagement area reflections are due by the 7th Wednesday of the Summer A session.

Can I change my Engagement Areas?

You may change your Engagement Area, but must be completed in advance of the area reflection deadline. If your plans change after submitting your Intent and you wish to change to a different Engagement Area, you will be able to do so through your GGSS portal. The review period for a submitted Area Change Request is 1-2 weeks.

What if my intent is rejected?

If your first submission of your Intent to Participate is rejected, you will receive an email with feedback about what you will need to change. There is no limit on the number of Intent submissions.

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