Can I still apply for the Garnet & Gold Scholar Society Program?

No, applications are no longer being accepted for the program. Despite not being able to apply there are still various programs and experiential learning activities that you can do throughout your undergraduate career!

I am a student who was unable to get in an application in time. How can I still get involved now that the program is ending?

The various programs run by our engagement area partners are still running. You can reach out to the various departments to see how you can still get involved in their experiential learning activities. You can also utilize the Career Center’s drop-in advising to explore other opportunities.

I forgot to submit my form of intent before the deadline, am I allowed to still participate?

No, our team has attempted to reach out to students to confirm their participation and if no response was received then your account has been archived.

I submitted the form of intent and no longer wish to participate, is there anything else I need to do?

No, thank you for responding to our form. Our team will go ahead and archive your account and no further action will be needed on your part.

I originally stated that I did not want to participate, but I have changed my mind, can I still be considered for the program?

No, once you have submitted the intent to participate form to reconfirm your interest we are unable to reverse that decision.

I completed the form of intent and am working towards induction, is there anything different I need to do?

Thank you for completing our form. You will continue the process as normal and will work on your engagement areas, reflections, and synthesis. Deadlines are determined by the semester you graduate and can be found here: https://garnetandgoldscholar.fsu.edu/scholars/deadlines

How can I still get involved?

Our engagement area partners will still be hosting their various programs for students to get involved with. Below is some of the links for some of the programs run by our partners.






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