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The Garnet & Gold Scholar Society facilitates involvement and recognizes the engaged, well-rounded undergraduate student who excels within and beyond the classroom in the areas of International, Internship, Leadership, Research and Service. An undergraduate student who meets the criteria in three of the five areas, has their area reflections approved, and completes a Synthesis Reflection will qualify to graduate as a member of the Garnet & Gold Scholar Society. 

Students can complete the 3 areas of engagement in the order of their preference and they can occur concurrently. Ideally, students will fulfill all requirements for their areas of engagement a semester prior to graduation. This allows students their final semester to complete and gain approval for their Synthesis Reflection. Please note that the deadline to submit the Synthesis Reflection is a student's final semester of enrollment.

Students may use the same experience (e.g., an international internship) to qualify for no more than two areas. If the student elects to use the same experience for two areas, they are still responsible for all requirements of the two areas that the experience addresses. All experiences used for the Garnet & Gold Scholar Society must occur while the student is enrolled in undergraduate coursework.

At the time of the student's final academic semester at FSU, the student must hold a cumulative GPA of 3.2 or higher. If a student has a conduct record with the Department of Student Conduct and Community Standards, they must have completed all outcomes and be in good standing with the University to be inducted into the Garnet & Gold Scholar Society. Students on disciplinary probation are still eligible for induction if they have completed all outcomes.

Garnet & Gold Scholar Society inductees receive a medal, are recognized at graduation, and have this honor noted on their official academic transcript. 

Program Objective

Upon induction into the Garnet & Gold Scholar Society, scholars will demonstrate critical thinking and career-ready professionalism, as well as be able to foster communicative and collaborative relationships in institutional, local, and global communities. 

Program Learning Outcome

Through completion of the Garnet & Gold Scholar Society Engagement Areas and associated reflections, Garnet & Gold Scholars will learn critical thinking and professional skills that will translate to an increased ability to synthesize and articulate information and experiences to varying audiences in order to demonstrate professional competencies. 


Students will indicate their interest by completing an application. In their applications, students will outline courses and activities to be completed and develop plans for what they hope to accomplish through participation in the Program. Students will also choose their preference for an Overall Program Advisor.

If students wish to change their Engagement Areas or their plans after submission of their application, participants may request the change from the GGSS program administrators.

For assistance in planning your application, see the Engagement Area Requirements

Required Components

Students must complete 3 of the 5 required components. After completing each of the 3 selected Engagement Areas, the student will submit supporting evidence (e.g., completed courses or service documented on student's ServScript records) and respond to prompts to demonstrate how these learning activities have impacted their college experience.

For details on each engagement area and required criteria, visit the Engagement Area tab in the top menu bar.


Reflections are submitted in the GGSS portal and approved by Area Approvers in each engagement area. If the student's reflection does not meet all 4 areas of learning as shown in the grading rubric, a revision is required. The student only has one additional attempt to revise their reflection in order to complete the engagement area. The student may contact their Area Approver if the submission needs revision and clarification is needed on the feedback. If the student's revised reflection is denied again, they will not be able to complete the Garnet and Gold Scholar Society.

If the student's reflection is not approved, they have one week to revise and resubmit. They only have one chance to revise. If the reflection is rejected a second time, they must submit a formal appeal if they wish to remain in the Program.

Synthesis Reflection

The Synthesis Reflection gives students the opportunity to reflect on the three submitted experiences and explain in their own words how the three experiences are related, how they have developed leadership, professional, citizenship and/or research skills through those experiences and how the student collaborated with others during these experiences. It should document perception, awareness and knowledge about the three areas as well as how they are interconnected. The student's Overall Program Advisor or a selected Synthesis Reviewer reviews the completed reflection. Visit the Synthesis page for more information.

Drop-In Advising 

Garnet & Gold Scholar Society advising is offered on a drop-in basis.  Simply come to the 1st floor of The Career Center (100 S Woodward Ave), sign in at the desk, and a friendly Advisor will see you as quickly as possible.  If you prefer, you may also schedule a virtual appointment with a Program Administrator.  Click here to request an advising appointment.  Many helpful resources can also be found on the GGSS website.

Email garnetandgoldscholar@fsu.edu or click here to request a virtual advising appointment. Many helpful resources can also be found on the GGSS website

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