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Service Engagement

Service activities are experiential learning opportunities with the intended purpose of contributing skills and resources to serve others. Service is an unpaid, non-punitive, intentional activity(ies) to benefit a community need.

Through the Service Experience, students will demonstrate the ability to:

  • Articulate the essential practices of responsible citizenship.
  • Observe and analyze community needs and social injustices.

Minimum Criteria

To meet the criteria of the Service Experience, students are expected to successfully complete the following learning activity:

  • Complete and document at least 200 hours of community serviceĀ in the University ServScript Program (both on the paper form and online in your myFSU portal). Service hours must be documented in the University ServScript Program by the end of the semester in which the service is completed.

Students must complete and document their 200 hours of service PRIOR to submitting their Garnet and Gold Scholar Society Service Engagement Area Reflection.

For GGSS to be able to see your total number of service hours in ServScript you will need to ensure you have a local mailing address in the registrar's system. Below you will find instructions to add your local mailing address.

  • Sign in to my.fsu.edu
  • Click on the Student Center link under My Information OR click on the SC icon under MyFSU Links
  • At the bottom under Personal Information there's a drop down menu. Select Addresses and click on arrow to enter the addresses page.
  • Click on Add A New Address
  • Enter Address and click OK
  • There are two check boxes, one for Home and one for Mail. Click on the Mail check box then click Save.
  • Go back to the main Student Center page and under Personal Information the address you input should show up as a local mailing address.

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