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Program History

Initiated by former Florida State University president Eric Barron and developed in partnership with Undergraduate Studies (former Dean Karen Laughlin) and the Division of Student Affairs (former Vice President Mary Coburn), the Garnet & Gold Scholar Society is designed to encourage students to become well-rounded students through thoughtful and intentional engagement at Florida State University.

Students who wish to participate will submit an application indicating the three Engagement Areas that they would like to focus on from the following options: International, Internship, Leadership, Research and Service. Upon enrollment approval, they will be matched with an Overall Program Advisor who will meet with the student and advise them on involvement opportunities and work with the student on their progress in GGSS.

This is not a scholarship or certificate program, but a way for FSU to recognize the various accomplishments of its students. The Engagement Area guided reflection exercises and Synthesis Reflection give students the opportunity to articulate the skills and experiences that have influenced their learning throughout the collegiate experience.

Becoming Involved

Interested full-time faculty or staff members may become involved in the program by mentoring and advising students who are participating in the program. The level of commitment can vary, and participation in the program offers faculty members the opportunity to interact with students that they may or may not have previously known.

Faculty or staff members who have an experience, course, or program that fits the mission of the Garnet and Gold Scholar Society are encouraged to contact the Program Administrator at .

Those interested in being involved as a regular advisor or as an advisor for a specific student should also email the Program Administrator at