Research Engagement

Research Experiences are sustained scholarly or creative projects developed under the direction of a faculty mentor that culminate in a formal presentation, publication, performance or exhibition. A "sustained project" is one that lasts for a minimum of one semester. If the primary research mentor is not a faculty member, there must be a faculty member who approves the project.

Through the Research Experience, students will demonstrate the ability to:

  • Apply research methods appropriate for the student's discipline; and
  • Engage in ongoing critical discussion within their chosen field.

Minimum Criteria

To meet the criteria of the Research Engagement Area, students may complete 1 of the 3 activities:

  1. Conduct research through the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP)
  2. Conduct research through Honors in the Major 
  3. Conduct research, or a sustained scholarly or creative project, under the direction of an FSU faculty member for at least one semester and complete the required formal culmination (public dissemination) of your research. 

GGSS students have until the semester following the completion of their Research Engagement Area Reflection to complete the formal culmination. If a student is submitting the Research Engagement Area Reflection in their final undergraduate semester at FSU they must complete the formal culmination either prior to submitting the reflection or by the last day of the semester.


Research Reflection Evaluation Rubric

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