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Leadership Engagement

An effective leadership learning experience is an educational, developmental or engagement activity with the intentional purpose of developing and enhancing leadership knowledge and practice.

Through the Leadership Experience, students will demonstrate the ability to: 

  • Articulate the essential practices of effective leadership
  • Display respect for multiple perspectives
  • Build collaborative working relationships with others

Minimum Criteria

To meet the criteria for the Leadership Engagement Area, students are expected to successfully complete 2 of the 3 activities listed below. You must complete the 2 activities with separate experiences. You should not submit your Leadership Engagement Area Reflection unless you have either completed all the requirements or are currently in progress of completing the final requirements during the semester in which your are reflecting.

  1. Leadership Education: Students will register for and successfully complete a three-credit course designed to teach leadership theory and leadership issues in their professional or creative contexts. Successful completion of the course requires a grade of C- or better or a Satisfactory (S) if taking the course S/U. For a course to be approved it must meet the following requirements:

    • It must be a Florida State University Course.
    • Leadership theory must be demonstrated through required readings and class assignments that critically reflect on leadership.
    • Leadership theory to practice must be connected through assignments and class topics throughout the entire course.
    • The course must include a personal application of leadership theory to practice to student growth and development.

    Courses may be selected from a listing of approved leadership courses within each college. Students and/or faculty may also submit a course syllabus for review if they believe it meets the leadership course criteria. The review period for a submitted leadership course is two weeks. Students should submit their course for review prior to submitting their Intent to Participate.

  2. Leadership Development: Students will engage in a leadership development activity focused on their individual understanding and reflection of a leadership knowledge, skill, and/or value. Development experiences will be:

    • A Florida State University structured leadership development program.
    • A program in which the student is facilitated by an FSU staff/faculty mentor or coach, who is invested in that individual student, throughout their experience.
    • A minimum of 50 hours of participation in this program.

    Programs may be selected from an approved leadership development program listing. Students and/or staff may also submit programs for review. If a new activity is submitted for review, students must also submit the Mentor Agreement Form with the Program Review Form. The review period for a submitted leadership development program is two weeks. Students should submit their activity for review prior to submitting their Leadership Engagement Area Reflection.

  3. Leadership Engagement: Students will engage in hands-on leadership learning through a change effort in their campus, local, or global community. Engagement experiences will be:

    • A student or organizationally structured activity that provides the student the opportunity to create and lead university or community change.
    • An activity that the student participated in for a minimum of two consecutive semesters;
    • A minimum of 50 hours of engagement in that activity over the course of both semesters.
      • These hours do not need to be logged on ServScript to complete this area, but if it is benefiting a community need we encourage you to do so. 

    Students who choose Leadership Engagement as one of their Leadership areas for GGSS must complete a reflection essay on this specific activity. Additional Essay Reflection Prompt: Identify how you have applied specific leadership knowledge, skills and values during your Leadership Engagement experience listed above. This essay is in addition to the Leadership Reflection prompts listed on the Reflections page and must be 200-250 words in length.

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