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You are required to submit two of your area reflections at least 1 SEMESTER PRIOR to graduation. The third area reflection may be submitted the semester of graduation along with the Synthesis Reflection. You can find the graduate submission deadlines on our deadlines page. Students are encouraged to submit reflections in advance of these deadlines. Reflections are submitted to the GGSS online portal system. You can access the portal by following one of the below steps:

  • GGSS Website > Scholars tab > Portal Login
  • Login to > Click Research and Recognition drop-down menu on the left-hand side > Click Garnet and Gold Scholar Society link


Graduation Checks

Your student conduct record, cumulative GPA, and University graduation application will be checked your final semester at FSU. Effective for Summer 2021 graduates and beyond, you must have a GPA of 3.2 for ALL college coursework attempted (3.0 for those graduating prior to Summer 2021). If you have a student conduct record, you must complete all sanctions from the Department of Student Conduct and Community Standards to receive clearance for the Garnet and Gold Scholar Society. You must not have any record of an Academic Honor Policy Hearing. To become an inducted member, you must also apply for graduation with the University.



Initial Recognition includes:

  • Attending the Garnet and Gold Scholar Society induction ceremony with the university President
  • Receiving the Garnet and Gold Scholar Society medal
  • Recognition in the commencement program

Final Recognition includes:

  • Recognition on your official university academic transcript

IMPORTANT: While you may receive the initial recognition for the Garnet and Gold Scholar Society this DOES NOT ENSURE that you will receive the final recognition on your transcript. Also, attending the induction ceremony DOES NOT finalize your induction as a Garnet and Gold Scholar.

All Engagement Area reflections with the status "Approved Pending Completion" will be checked within 1 week of grades posted. All remaining criteria for engagement areas should be completed by the last day of the semester.