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Internship Engagement

Effective internships are typically single-semester or at least six week, paid or unpaid major/ career-related work experiences designed to help students understand the professional applications, theories, ideas, principles and concepts of their academic studies. Involvement may be part-time, as little as 10 hours a week, or full-time.

Through the Internship Experience, students will demonstrate the ability to:

  • Explain how their internship responsibilities relate to their major and/or career plans
  • Describe the professional skills developed through the experience and identify areas of additional learning required in support of their professional development
  • Accomplish at least three self-identified outcomes that are specific and measurable for their internship experience

Minimum Criteria

To meet the criteria of the Internship Engagement Area, students may choose 1 of the 2 activities:

  1. Complete an FSU Internship Course, which consists of the following:
    • Recognition by a Florida State University College or Department
    • Inclusion on the official transcript with a passing grade of C- or above or an "S" grade
  2.  Complete the Career Center Experience Recognition Program (ERP) Students choose this option for any internship that is NOT being granted academic credit by the university. (This program was formally called Experiential Certificate Program and Experiential Recognition Program. If you participated in the program before the name changed to Experience Recognition Program it still meets this requirement.)
    • Your internship should have career goal-related duties and responsibilities.
    • Your internship must be at least 60 hours over a semester/summer internship.
    • You must be currently completing your internship the semester you enroll in ERP. 
    • There are two options to complete ERP:
      • 1. Certificate
        • Students must enter into the experiential learning engagement with intentional learning goals (minimum of 3 learning goals).
        • Receive a certificate of completion.
        • Enroll by mid-semester deadline.
      • 2. Transcript Notation
        • Students must enter into the experiential learning engagement with intentional learning goals (minimum of 3 learning goals).
        • Enrolled via virtual, zero credit hour course.
        • Received transcript notation upon completion.
        • Enroll by drop/add deadline 
    • Submit application for ERP through your Handshake account. Click on Career Center>>Experiences>>Request An Experience. Complete/submit the request to participate. More information about ERP may be found on the ERP webpage.
    • Special Note: Students enrolled in the ERP transcript notation option with zero (0) credit hours will be charged for one (1) credit hour, unless also enrolled in other credit-bearing courses at FSU during the same academic term.
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