Overall Program Advisors

The Garnet and Gold Scholar Society Overall Program Advisors are faculty and staff members from across campus who are invested in the Garnet and Gold Scholar Society and value student engagement across the five engagement areas.

The assigned Garnet and Gold Scholar Society Overall Program Advisor works with students throughout the program, and evaluates the final Synthesis reflection to determine if the criteria for the program have been met.

Students will be able to request a specific Garnet and Gold Scholar Society Overall Program Advisor during the completion of the application, but may not necessarily receive their first choice. Students may select up to 3 choices for their advisor. If a faculty or staff member has agreed to act as a student's Garnet and Gold Scholar Society Overall Program Advisor prior to the completion of the form, the student should email that information to garnetandgoldscholar@fsu.edu .

Below are lists of faculty and staff members who are currently acting as Garnet and Gold Scholar Society Overall Program Advisors.

Academic Departments

College/Department Advisor
Academic Affairs Joe O'Shea
  Ashley Krutz
Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) Pat Golay
  Holly Hunt
Admissions Samantha Buxbaum
Advising First Sarah Lovins Bacani
  John Carter
  Chris New
  John Strickland
  Melissa Tillery
Advising First:
Center for College Life Coaching
LaShae Roberts
Athletics Student Services Sarah Petronio
Center for Academic Retention
and Enhancement (CARE)
Jacourie Clark
  Lisa Jackson
  Stefany Moncada
Center for Exploratory Students Nina Flanagan
Center for Undergraduate Research
and Academic Engagement
Alicia Batailles
  David Montez
  Warren Oliver
  Latika Young
Chemistry Department Josh Cummings
  Bridget DePrince
  Lauren Dimmer
Dedman School of Hospitality Lydia Hanks
College of Business Gary Smith
  Holly Sudano
  William Woodyard
College of Communication and Information Betsy Crawford
  Elaine Howard
  Chris New
  Steve McDowell
  Ebe Randeree
  Shannon Wichman
College of Education Nicole Jabson Wright
College of Education
School of Teacher Education

Angie Davis

College of Education
Education OASIS
Mia Hines
  Stephen Mozier
College of Engineering Maribel Amwake
  Raphael Kampmann
College of Fine Arts Jeff Bray
College of Human Sciences Tina Beck
  Olivia Bushardt
  Joseph Grzywacz
  Korey Lowry
  Greg Rice
College of Medicine Lauren Kendall
  Heather Stitely
  Whitney Williams
College of Music Rachel Ward
College of Nursing Mandy Bamber
  Veronica Brewer
  Nanna Cuchens
  Sabrina Dickey
  Jolynn Greenhalgh
  Mai Kung
  Stacy Wheeler
  Maria Whyte
  Theresa Winton
College of Social Work Zoe Zeitlin
  Shalay Jackson
Computer Science and Math Elizabeth Scott
Economics Joe Calhoun
Florida Center for Reading Research Jonathan Klepper
  Felesa Oliver
Graduate School Adrienne Stephenson
Graduation Planning & Strategies Office Jill Flees
  Lynn Helton
Honors Program Jeff Badger
  Tanner Barnes
  Amy Haggard
  Julia Pennington
Jim Moran College of Entrepreneurship Hayley Brown
  Nicole Jabson
  Kristen Frandsen
  Roxanne Parker
  Lisha Stafford
Office of Faculty Development and Advancement Joshua Morgan
Office of National Fellowships Bonnie Garcia-Gloeckner
  Craig Filar
  Jesse Wieland
Psychology-Advising Lauren Dimmer
Sociology Department Kim McClellan
Sport Management Department Kylee Studer O'Daniel
  Jason Pappas
Strozier Library April Lovett
  Leah Sherman
  Lindsey Wharton
Undergraduate Studies Ellen Crabtree
  Nikki Raimondi
  Danielle Lewis
University Relations Jimmy Cole

Campus Involvement

Department Advisor
Alumni Association Aimee Wirth
Campus Recreation David Calhoun
  Jennifer McKee
  Kari Scott
Campus Sustainability Elizabeth Swiman
Center for Health Advocacy & Wellness Rose Rezaei
   Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life Freddy Juarez
  Madeline (Maddy) Thompson
  Ebony Wofford
Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs Brandon Bowden
Office of Accessibility Services Jennifer Mitchell
Student Union Robyn Brock
  Asia Duren
  Mike Fine
  Glenda C. Herrera-Gray
  Ladanya Ramirez Surmeier
University Health Services Services Hannah Stone
University Housing Edwin Darrell
  Denise Mercier
  Shannon Staten
  Daniel Sheets
Veterans Center Billy Francis

International, Multicultural, and Study Abroad

College/Department Advisor
Center for Global Engagement Angelique Stevens
  Leigh Ann Bauer
International Programs Carolyn Barringer
  Christina Carroll
  Michelle O'Brien
  Becca Piers

Leadership and Community Involvement

College/Department Advisor
  The Center for Leadership and Social Change Grace Wilson Fennema
  Joi Phillips
  Erin Sylvester Philpot
Leadership Learning Research Center Brittany Devies
  Derrick Pacheco
  Laura Vaughn

Panama City Campus

College/Department Advisor
Accounting Joseph Krupka
Elementary Education Aimee Frier
English Milinda Jay
Office of Student Affairs Sarah Schreck
Psychology Tyler Towne

Professional/Career Development

College/Department Advisor
The Career Center Michon Ashmore
  Megan Crowe
  Casey Dozier
  Anissa Ford
  Alexis Fraites
  Abbey Hale
  Cameron Hatcher
  Justin Hultman
  Tracey Lord
  Christy Mantzanas
  Leslie Mille
  Sarah Pearson
  Li Pon
  Kyle Roark
  Lauren Spaunburgh
  Martha Skipper
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Legacy Priority