• Garnet and Gold Scholar Society Synthesis


The Synthesis Project gives you the opportunity to reflect on your three experiences and explain in your own words how the three experiences are related, how you have developed leadership, professional, citizenship, and/or research skills through those experiences, and how you have collaborated with others during these experiences. It should document your perception, awareness, and knowledge about the three engagement areas and their interconnectedness.

The Synthesis project must be submitted online by the posted deadlines (see link below for Seniors page). Overall Program Advisors will complete the Synthesis evaluation and you will have one opportunity for revision.

For specific deadlines based on your graduating semester, please see the Information for Seniors page.

Synthesis Reflection and Evaluation

Utilizing the Garnet and Gold Scholar Society web portal, you will respond to the following reflection prompts relating to all three engagement area experiences. These responses will be evaluated as part of the process of completion of the Garnet and Gold Scholar Society Program. You should have your responses reviewed and, if appropriate, edited prior to submission.

If your Synthesis Reflection is not approved, you have one week to revise (including holidays and weekends) and resubmit. You only have one chance to revise. If your Synthesis Reflection is rejected a second time, you must submit a formal appeal .

Synthesis Reflection Prompts

Drawing on specific examples from your three engagement experiences, reflect on the following questions. Please contain your total response to 1200 words.

  1. How did your engagement experiences complement each other? What themes or surprising connections emerged?
  2. What did you learn through your experiences?
  3. How did your perceptions change?
  4. How you will integrate these lessons learned through the Garnet & Gold Scholar Society experience into your life as a student and post-graduation?

Overall Synthesis Evaluation