• Garnet and Gold Scholar Society International

International Engagement

An effective international experience is defined as participation in an FSU-approved intensive international experience of at least one week abroad in which students collaborate effectively with people from cultures different than their own.

Through the International Experience, students will demonstrate the ability to:

  • Convey attitudes of respect, openness, curiosity and discovery towards a culture different from their own;
  • Identify and interpret cultural differences;
  • Adjust their behavior and/or language, based on intercultural situations;
  • Collaborate effectively with people from cultures different from their own; and
  • Recognize that their worldview is not universal.

Minimum Criteria

To meet the criteria of the International Experience, students may choose 1 of the 3 learning activities:

  1. Complete the Global Pathways Certificate or the Global Pathways Specialized Study  As of Spring 2016, no longer accepting new enrollment for this program. See #2 below. (See instructions: International Reflection and Evaluation). NOTE: Students completing one of these programs must also participate in an approved International Experience.
  2. Complete the Global Citizenship Certificate (See instructions: International Reflection and Evaluation)
    • Students completing this program must also participate in an approved International OR Intercultural Sustained Experience.
  3. Participate in an approved intensive International Experience abroad (See Criteria for the International Experience) and take an approved Intercultural Communications Course (listed below):
    • IFS 2052 Global Perspectives: Communication*Available in Fall 2016
    • IFS 2070 Thinking Beyond Ourselves: Global Perspectives *Enrollment for Global Citizenship Certificate participants
    • IFS 2098 Global Engagement *Only available to Fall and Spring students studying abroad with FSU International Programs
    • INR 3931 Beyond Borders *Spring only-enrollment for Beyond Borders participants
    • INR 3931 Global Scholars Training Course *Spring only-enrollment for Global Scholars participants
    • Special Topics-Theory and Practice for Global Engagement (before your experience) (No longer offered)
    • Special Topics-Global Perspectives (before or after your experience) (No longer offered)
    • Special Topics-Applying Your Global Experience (after your experience) (No longer offered)
    • Another approved course (See PDF in Related Links section above > Intercultural Communication Course Review Instructions )

Criteria for the International Experience

  1. At least one week abroad
  2. Immersion in the target culture, as characterized by strategic daily interactions with the host culture that focuses on one of the following: cultural, educational, service activities
  3. Provide opportunities to:
    1. Engage in an intercultural experience
    2. Adjust behavior, views and perceptions (intellectually, emotionally, socially, politically, etc.)
    3. Collaborate with people whose culture/customs, ethnicity, attitudes, opinions, and ideas that are different from their own
    4. Speak the local language and other ways to adapt communication
    5. Acquire/gain specific skills, knowledge or abilities

For a non-FSU international experience, students must email IP-info@fsu.edu with an explanation of how the sustained international experience meets the above criteria. The review period for a non-FSU (not affiliated with Florida State University) international experience is 2 weeks.

Criteria for Intercultural Communication Course

For non-approved courses, students should submit the course for review and receive approval PRIOR to submitting their international area reflection. Students must have taken a course in the past or are currently enrolled in the course they wish to get approved. Courses students plan to take in the future will not be approved. See specific instructions at PDF link above, Intercultural Communication Course Review Instructions.

The course must meet the following criteria:

  1. 1-3 credits
  2. S/U or letter graded: a C- or Satisfactory (S) is required
  3. The student must complete the following steps when seeking approval:
    1. Submit the course syllabus to IP-Info@fsu.edu
    2. Include in the email/submission, answers to the following questions:
    3. How did the course prompt you to describe at least one culture beyond your own and describe how your worldview isn't universal?
    4. How did the course prompt you to explain your own cultural identity?
    5. How did the course prompt you to interpret cultural similarities, differences and your inter-relatedness?
    6. How did the course prompt you to demonstrate effective intercultural communication through collaboration and reflection?

International Reflection and Evaluation

Utilizing the Garnet and Gold Scholar Society web portal, students will respond to reflection prompts relating to their international experiences. These responses will be evaluated as part of the process of completion of the Garnet and Gold Scholar Society Program. Students should have their responses reviewed and, if appropriate, edited prior to submission.

* If a student is completing the Global Pathways Certificate/Specialized Study OR the Global Citizenship Certificate option, they will reflect on their experiences through the program's Blackboard page and are not required to submit responses to the prompts below. Garnet and Gold Scholar students are still required to select the Global Pathways Certificate/Specialized Study OR Global Citizenship Certificate option on the International tab in the online portal system by the reflection deadline.