• Garnet and Gold Scholar Society Seniors



You are required to submit two of your area reflections at least 1 SEMESTER PRIOR to graduation. The final reflection may be submitted the semester of graduation. Students are encouraged to submit reflections in advance of these deadlines. Reflections are submitted to the GGSS online portal system. You can access the portal by following the below steps:

  • Login to my.fsu.edu > Click Research and Recognition drop-down menu on the left-hand side > Click Garnet and Gold Scholar Society link

Please refer to the below dates for specific deadlines:


Fall 2017 Graduate DEADLINES

Intent to Participate:


June 14, 2017

First two Engagement Area reflections: July 12, 2017

Final Engagement Area reflection: September 20, 2017

Synthesis Reflection:


October 25, 2017


Intent to Participate:


September 27, 2017

First two Engagement Area reflections: October 25, 2017

Final Engagement Area reflection: January 31, 2018

Synthesis Reflection:


March 7, 2018


Summer 2018 Graduate DEADLINES

Intent to Participate:


February 7, 2018

First two Engagement Area reflections: March 7, 2018


Final Engagement Area reflection: May 30, 2018

Synthesis Reflection:


June 27, 2018


Senior Workshops

Senior workshops are MANDATORY for graduating seniors to attend the semester prior to graduation. Attendance will be taken. Seniors will review final steps for GGSS completion and have the opportunity to speak with an advisor and ask questions. Seniors will also sign the Senior Contract and receive a copy for their records.

Spring 2018 graduates: Select one of the below mandatory Senior Workshops to attend in the Dunlap Success Center:

Tuesday, September 5, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM, Room 2201/2202

Monday, September 18, 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM, Room 1006

Thursday, October 5, 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM, Room 2201/2202

Tuesday, October 10, 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM, Room 2201/2202

Friday, October 13, 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM, Room 2201/2202

Monday, October 16, 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM, Room 2201/2202

Friday, October 27, 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM, Room 2201/2202

Engagement Area Reflections & Synthesis

Reflections are submitted in the portal and approved by Area Approvers in each engagement area. If the student's reflection does not meet all 4 areas of learning as shown in the grading rubric, it will require a revision.The student only has one additional attempt to revise their reflection in order to complete the engagement area. If a revision is required, the student has one (1) week (including holidays and weekends) from the date of the evaluation to resubmit the reflection to the online portal system. The student may contact the Area Approver for feedback if a submission needs revision. If the student's revised reflection is denied again, they will not be able to complete the Garnet and Gold Scholar Society unless they successfully complete a different engagement area.

Writing Good Reflections

As you write your reflections, consider these tips:

  • Read ALL of the questions you are expected to answer and plan out what you will write.
  • Review the rubric for each area so you know how your submission will be graded.
  • Be sure to talk about your complete experience. For example, if you are writing a Leadership reflection, be sure to talk about BOTH Leadership activities. If you are writing an International reflection, discuss BOTH the intercultural communications course and your abroad experience.
  • Write your reflections in Microsoft Word first. This will help with basic grammar and spelling issues and will give you a copy for your records.
  • After running Word's spell check, proof read and check for grammar and spelling with your own eyes! If you need assistance with writing skills, check out the Reading Writing Center .
  • Follow these instructions for transferring the content from your Word document to the online submission form.

*Note: Area Approvers reserve the right to reject your reflections if you fail to use standard English grammar and spelling.

The questions and Rubric for each area can be found at the bottom of each Engagement Area page.

For Global Citizenship Certificate, Global Pathways Certificate (GPC) and Experiential Learning Program (ECP/ERP) students

The Global Citizenship Certificate, Global Pathways Certificate, and the Experiential Learning Programs (Experiential Certificate Program-ECP or Experiential Recognition Program-ERP) already include a reflection element and you are not expected to reflect through the Garnet and Gold Scholar Society questions in the portal. However, you must still indicate you are completing these programs by logging into the Student Portal > Click on the Engagement Area tab > Submit your selection for Global Citizenship Certificate OR Global Pathways (International tab) or Experiential Learning Program (Internship tab) by the reflection deadlines stated above.

Reflection Status

Area Approvers have 2 weeks from the date of your submission to review your reflection. Your review will have one of these statuses:

  • In Progress: You have not submitted the reflection for your engagement activity.
  • Submitted: Your reflection is awaiting evaluation and feedback from the Area Approver.
  • Needs Revision: You received a score of 1 or 2 on one or more Rubric elements for that area. If you receive this status the Area Approver will have given you feedback on what you need to improve. You have one (1) week from date of evaluation (including holidays and weekends) to revise and resubmit your final reflection attempt.
  • Awaiting Final Approval: Your final attempt for the reflection is awaiting evaluation and feedback from the Area Approver.
  • Rejected: You received a score of 1 or 2 on one or more Rubric elements for the area on your final reflection attempt.
  • Approved Pending Completion: Your reflection was approved but the actual activity has not yet completed because you are participating in it during the current semester.
  • Approved: Your reflection and Engagement Area activities are completed.

If your reflection is not approved, you have one (1) week from the date of the evaluation to revise (including holidays and weekends) and resubmit to the online portal system. You only have one chance for a revision. If your reflection is rejected a second time or you miss a deadline, you must submit a formal appeal . More appeal process information can be found at the Formal Appeal page.

To view your evaluation feedback from the Area Approver, log into your GGSS account and click on the area tab, then click on the link “Needs Revision-View Submission & Feedback” (on right-hand side of page).

Synthesis Activation

Students will receive Synthesis tab access once all three Engagement Areas are approved in the Student Portal. If you are a graduating senior, once all three Engagement Areas are approved or approved pending completion in the Student Portal you will receive Synthesis tab access. Synthesis tab access does not ensure induction into the Garnet & Gold Scholar Society. During your final semester at FSU, GGSS Administrators will complete the GPA, student conduct record, and University graduation application checks. More information on the Synthesis can be found on the Synthesis page.

Your Synthesis will be reviewed by your Overall Program Advisor and graded based on the rubric. Similar to the Engagement Area Reflections, you will receive feedback if you score below satisfactory (a 1 or 2) on any of the rubric criteria, and you will have one week to revise.

Student Rights and Responsibilities and GPA Checks

Your student conduct record, cumulative GPA, and University graduation application will be checked your final semester at FSU. You must have a GPA of 2.75 for ALL college coursework attempted. If you have a student conduct record, you must complete all sanctions from the Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities to receive clearance for the Garnet and Gold Scholar Society. You must not have any record of an Academic Honor Policy Hearing. To become an inducted member, you must also apply for graduation with the University.


Initial Recognition includes:

  • Attending the Garnet and Gold Scholar Society induction ceremony with the university President
  • Receiving the Garnet and Gold Scholar Society medal
  • Recognition in the commencement program

Final Recognition includes:

  • Recognition on your official university academic transcript

IMPORTANT: While you may receive the initial recognition for the Garnet and Gold Scholar Society this DOES NOT ENSURE that you will receive the final recognition on your transcript. Also, attending the induction ceremony DOES NOT finalize your induction as a Garnet and Gold Scholar.

All Engagement Area reflections with the status "Approved Pending Completion" will be checked within 1 week of grades posted. All remaining criteria for engagement areas should be completed by the last day of the semester.