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Synthesis Reflection

What is the deadline for having my synthesis reflection approved by in order to have the Garnet and Gold Scholar Society appear on my transcript?

Each semester, the synthesis reflection must be submitted online for review by the posted dates on the Deadlines page. This deadline only applies for the semester in which you are working to receive the Garnet and Gold Scholar Society recognition. More information about the synthesis reflection can be found here.

I have submitted all three Engagement Areas, but am still waiting on approval from my advisor. Why is my synthesis tab not available?

The synthesis tab will become available when all three Engagement Areas are Approved or Approved Pending Completion for those students in the final undergraduate semester at FSU.

What if my Overall Program Advisor leaves Florida State University prior to my completion of the program?

If your Overall Program Advisor leaves the university or can no longer participate as your advisor, you can be assigned a new Garnet and Gold Scholar Society Overall Program Advisor or participate in the program without an advisor. If you choose to not have an Overall Program Advisor, your Synthesis will be reviewed by an anonymous reviewer. If you would like to request a particular advisor, email a GGSS Program Administrator at garnetandgoldscholar@fsu.edu .

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