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Engagement Area Specific Questions: International

What should I check on my Application for the International Engagement Area?

You should check the appropriate boxes for the activities you have, or plan to, complete that meet the International Engagement Area requirements. 

How do I receive approval for the International Sustained Experience?

Any FSU-sponsored program where students participate in an intercultural experience abroad that is at least one week in length should meet the Sustained International Experience. For programs that are not coordinated by FSU departments or groups, the International Engagement Area Contact must review this sustained experience. You may submit the experience for approval by following the steps here.

I haven't taken an approved intercultural communication course, what should I do?

If you have already completed your international experience abroad, it is highly recommended that you enroll in one of the approved intercultural communication courses. If you feel that you have completed an intercultural communication course that meets the criteria outlined here but not on our approved list, please submit the course for approval following the steps here.

How do I receive approval for an Intercultural Course?

Courses other than the specified approved courses must be approved by the International Engagement Area contact. Courses that meet the intercultural communication course criteria found here, may be reviewed for approval by submitting a course for approval following the steps here. The review period for a submitted intercultural communication course is two weeks.

Is my Gloabl Citizenship Certificate Synthesis and my Garnet and Gold Scholar Society Synthesis the same essay?

No, you will submit a synthesis project about your experiences with the Global Citizenship Certificate according to their deadline. Your Garnet and Gold Scholar Society synthesis will bring together your experiences from all three of your Engagement Area experiences. More information can be found here.

FAQs about the Global Citizenship Certificate.

For more FAQs about the Global Citizenship Certificate, visit this link .

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