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Completing Engagement area requirements

Do the three Engagement Areas need to be completed during one semester?

No, you have the entirety of your undergraduate experience to complete each Engagement Area. However, as a participant, you need to ensure that you meet the deadlines posted for your graduating class. See our deadlines page. 

Can I use the same experience for two Engagement Areas?

You will be allowed to use the same experience (i.e., an international internship) to qualify for no more than two Engagement Areas. If you elect to use the same experience for two areas, you are still responsible for all requirements for each of the two areas that the experience covers, and you will reflect on each separately.

How are my Engagement Area reflections and Synthesis Reflection evaluated?

Each Engagement Area and Synthesis Reflection has a rubric that is posted on the Reflections page. Area Approvers evaluate Engagement Area Reflections, and Overall Program Advisors or Synthesis Reviewer evaluate the Synthesis Reflection. Reflections should include your best writing efforts and demonstrate senior level writing. All writing should also be clear, concise and free of grammatical mistakes.

What if my first reflection submission attempt is rejected?

If your reflection first attempt (Engagement Area and/or Synthesis) is not approved, you have one (1) week to revise and resubmit to the online portal system. You only have one (1) chance to revise. If your reflection is rejected a second time, you must submit a formal appeal .

What if I'm unable to meet the one (1) week revision deadline for my reflection?

If students are unable to meet the one week revision timeline for a required revision for an Engagement Area Reflection or a Synthesis Reflection, the student must notify Garnet & Gold Scholar Society administration in advance of the deadline. If a GGSS student is registered with the Student Disability Resource Center (SDRC), and needs additional time for a reflection revision, the student must notify GGSS administration ahead of the deadline.

What happens if I do not satisfy an Engagement Area requirement?

You may choose to participate in a different Engagement Area by submitting an Area Change Request through your GGSS portal and indicate your new engagement area. See the Switching Engagement Areas page for directions on how to do this. This form is reviewed by a Garnet & Gold Scholar Society administrator and may take up to 2 weeks to review.

If a student feels they completed the Engagement Area but their reflection submission is rejected twice, a student may complete the appeal process. Students are only allowed one appeal request during their participation in the Garnet & Gold Scholar Society.

What happens to work that I have completed in an Engagement Area that I deactivate?

The work that you have completed will be saved in the system.

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