Appeal Form

  • Participants have the right to appeal a missed deadline, rejection of submitted course or activity, or the evaluation results from an Engagement Area Reflection or the Synthesis Reflection if they believe that the initial ruling was unfair.
  • No additional edits to the submission are allowed and a blind reviewer will evaluate the submission on the student's behalf.
  • Only one appeal request may be submitted per student.
  • Participants must complete the Appeal Form stating the details and reason for reconsideration.
  • Appeal Form must be submitted within two weeks of notification of evaluation results or program removal from GGSS Administrator.
  • The final submission of the Engagement Area  Reflection or Synthesis Reflection will be reconsidered only one time.
  • The Program Administrator will contact the student with the decision within 2 weeks of the appeal request.

Please complete the following questions related to your appeal request.